Technology District


It was created in December 2008 through Law 2972. It is a center for promotion, development, innovation and knowledge that houses information and communication technology ('ICT') companies, software and professionals with high added value.

What is the Technology District?

In recent years, urban projects have emerged in different cities on five continents that provide for the establishment of companies dedicated to producing value in the field of new information and communication technologies (ICTs). These are initiatives involving the private sector, governments, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and whose main objectives are economic development under the new paradigm of the information society, the social inclusion of certain sectors of population and urban revitalization.

In turn, these innovation nodes are designed with a strategic orientation that enhance social identity and sense of belonging. Together with developed transport systems and infrastructure, these initiatives are proposed to configure new scenarios of integration, competition and cooperation.

Following this global paradigm, in 2008 the Technological District (Law 2972) was created in the City of Buenos Aires in order to promote the ICT industry of high added value and develop a space where the existing cultural identity coexists with ICT companies, work, study, and live. The Technology District is a center for the promotion and development of knowledge that receives information and communication technology companies (ICTs) and provides them with benefits and financial incentives. Benefits

Where is it located and how much the Technology District occupies

The Technology District is strategically located in the South Zone of the City of Buenos Aires, in line with the GCBA strategy that works on the revitalization and development of the South Zone of the City. It is located in Parque Patricios and covers 328 hectares that extend to the neighborhoods of Boedo, to the north, and Nueva Pompeya, to the south. The perimeter is marked by: Sáenz, Boedo, Chiclana, Sánchez de Loria and Brasil avenues, Alberti and Manuel García streets and Amancio Alcorta Avenue, on both sidewalks.