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Silicon Valley: Startup and innovation model

UdeSA ONLINE - August 5th. 6.30pm. Master in Business & Technology Speaker: Eduardo Bardelli.

Cybersecurity Smart Talks

We invite you to a weekly meeting to discuss the new challenges that cybersecurity teams have.

Quality and Agility in organizations. How to think them together?

Given the need to work on Quality and Agility in an organization, many challenges arise. Seems to be two concepts that do not go hand in hand or pursue different and parallel objectives.

Guide and Webinar for Secure Teleworking

Coronavirus - Are you ready to give remote access to your entire organization?

Digital transformation for SMEs

The organizations feel, and especially SMEs, that we live in an era of new opportunities, but in addition to high risk in an scenario with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ...

Public administration facing 4.0 revolution

Challenges and opportunities

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