Law No. 2972 provides the benefits mentioned below for all those companies that are located within the polygon defined as the Technology District.

The term of benefits is extended until 2029 for companies with foreign capital or 2034 for SMEs and companies with national capital.

  • Exemption or deferral in the payment of the Gross Income Tax.
  • Stamp tax exemption.
  • Exemption from payment Real estate tax, Remuneration rate of Lighting, Sweeping and Cleaning for properties within the Tech District that are owned or rented by employees in relation to dependence of companies registered in the regime of the Law and that are used as single housing and family of those employees.
  • Exemption from payment of Delineation and Construction Rights, CCT, CCA, Construction Verification Rate, Urban Solid Waste Generation.
  • Preferential credit lines of the City of Buenos Aires Bank for financing the purchase of real estate and construction, and for the purchase of homes. See Lines .
  • The educational, academic and training institutions established in the Technology District will enjoy the same benefits.
  • "Innovation Scholarships" Program for students attending the educational institutions located in the DT.
  • Educational and research programs together with universities based on the TD applied to ICT activities.

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